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Hybrid Cloud Environments to Deploy Services

The choice between public cloud and private cloud platform is a recurring debate, as the potential value of hybrid cloud environments and its benefits to business. Of course, the benefits of these environments is the power to leverage the inherent scalability and performance public clouds without the risks associated with outsourcing of business critical applications, but what is the best approach to manage hybrid cloud environments, and what more benefits companies can achieve by using them? A research on network and computing predicts that the hybrid cloud option will not become the dominant trend to within at least five years, because, apparently, still needed more training and education respect.

Two Cloud Computing Security Solutions for the Enterprise Architect

For the enterprise architect steeped in legacy data center and on-premises infrastructures, the learning curve to effective cloud computing security can seem steep. Enterprise architects transitioning to the cloud must add cloud infrastructure expertise to their knowledge base and learn to cut through thehype in the crowded cloud security marketplace. Once you do so, however, […]